Stair lighting, light projects, LED systems, light foil

For nearly 20 years Lightec GmbH supplies its innovative illumination systems and stair security lighting as drop edge marking for assembly halls. Our Lightstep stair profiles, equipped with Slimlight light foil strips or Slimlight wires, even with LED are our well-proven products. Assembly halls across all of Europe have been supplied by us, especially cinemas, theatres, convention halls, auditoriums and any room which is under normal operating conditions darkened.

    Architekturbeleuchtung mit LED-Lichtschienen
    Stufenbeleuchtung und Absturzkantensicherung mit RGB-LEDs
  • Mittels DMX-Ansteuerung lässt sich die Stufenbeleuchtung der Farbgebung der Halle beliebig anpassen
    Kunstprojekt "Your wave is" 2006; Olafur Eliasson
    Boden-, Wand- und Voutenbeleuchtung
    Stufenbeleuchtung LED im Aluprofil - Nutzfahrzeugpavillon
    Stufenbeleuchtung LED im Aluprofil - Nutzfahrzeugpavillon
    Stufenbeleuchtung LED im Aluprofil - Nutzfahrzeugpavillon


Stufenbeleuchtung im Robert-Schumann-Saal

Die Firma Lightec GmbH liefert und montiert im Juli 2010 ca. 250 m Slimlight Lines Leuchtfolie in einem mit PU Harz vergossenen Messing U-Profil. Der Auftraggeber, die Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf, legte besonders hohen Wert auf ein robustes, ausfallsicheres und modernes Lichtkonzept, das sich in dem Gesamtkonzept und Interieurs des Saales dezent anpasst. Mehr...

Circus Minsk

Im August 2010 erhielt die Lightec GmbH aus Weißrussland den Auftrag für die Absturzkantensicherung der Stufen im Circus Minsk sowie die Erstellung eines Showlight und Animation mit RGB LEDs, DMX gesteuert für die Circus Minsk. Weitere Infos folgen in Kürze.

Technical and creative lighting

We can offer you always the right lighting for architectural illuminations, illuminatory projects, museum staging. Whether it's technical challenge or creative latitude - the choice for the right illuminator is always our effort. We support your project from the first drawing to the certification after completion.

BAL 4b Stufenprofil POP Fashion Store, München Musical 'Jekyll & Hyde'; Lichttunnel

Light foil

Our light foil is an illuminator technically based on eletroluminescence. It is predestined as light strips for applications in the stair security lighting. Homogeneous light emission, combined with glare free radiation, low power consumption are just some of its the remarkable features. DIN- and special dimensions of these EL-lamps are available as illuminated areas even as custom applications. Individual cutting is also possible with our Multi-Connection-Foil.

LED and LED-systems

LED are the illuminant of the future. Light GmbH has a wide array of LED products. Recess downlights, flexible LED-strips, LED-plates and RGB-systems with controller and DMX controller for many applications are just excerpts of our perpetually evolving range.


Cold cathode technics with its space saving CCFL-tubes are perfectly suited for furnitures, display cabinets and installation in museums and exhibitions. Our Allux product-line can offer you the according certifications.

Flat displays

We recommend you our extremely shallow Slimlight Displays for striking situation of illumination. A thickness of 12mm at most at a high and homogeneous light efficiency are just some of the advantages. Slimlight Displays are predestined for background illumination of different kinds of media.