Slimlight light foils

homogenous light areas - glare free light

Slimlight light foil (EL-foils) are deliverable as standardized areas with surrounding Bus-bar for connection and contacting to the power supply. For special measurements of EL-lamps the Multi-contact foil - almost completely cuttable at will - is available. Additionally to this the Slimlight Lines - light foil from the roll - could be your choice.

Slimlight light foil, light where no other source has its space.

Slimlight, the lamp never warming up.

A light source super flat and light. Slimlight light foils have a thickness of 0.8mm. It is the smallest illuminant of the world.

Only the visual area is illuminated. The homogenous light area avoids and loss of light and blinding spots. This EL-lamp offers a complete illumination level up to the minutest detail. It is predestinated for background illumination of pictures, slides and graphics and proven of value as Slimlight Lines in stair security lighting.

Informationsmaterial, technische Daten und Preislisten zum Download finden Sie hier.


  • homogenous, afar visible light
  • glare free, no UV and IR emitting
  • lowest possible self heating
  • thinner than 1 mm
  • Formats up to DIN A0
  • user-defined segmentation


Slimlight EL-lamps are insusceptible to shock and can therefore excellently used as surface light.

More possible applications can be found on our project site

Technical data

standardized voltage:
115 V / 400 Hz
power consumption:
ca. 50 W / m²
luminous density:
ca. 200 cd / m²
life time:
> 10.000 hrs.

For detailed technical data please find the PDF for Slimlight light foils in the download area.