Slimlight Lines

Electroluminescence light foil of the roll

Light strips standardized widths...

... not only perfectly suited in stair security lighting apart from LED. Slimlight Lines creates the space for creative and technical practicable lighting concepts on stage design, for special presentation and many more.


Basic colours of the light strip are white, blue and blue-green (turquoise). Other colours can be realized by using overlay foils. Standardized widths are 4mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 50mm. Maximum width of the roll is 500mm. In basic layout the strip is laminated and with out contacts.


On demand Slimlight Lines are available completely contacted with a connection cable.

Informationsmaterial, technische Daten und Preislisten zum Download finden Sie hier.


  • no loss of brightness on the illuminated area
  • highly secure in any application
  • easy mounting and wiring
  • one contact per length necessary
  • available for 230V AC


MWith Slimlight Lines light is realizable where no realization could be found up to now. Up to a length of 150m the roll-able, smaller than 1mm Slimlight Lines are actively illuminant.

More possible applications can be found on our project site.

Technical data

standardized voltage: 115V AC
max. voltage: 300V AC
standardized frequency 500 Hz
initial luminous density white 50 cd/m²
initial luminous density green 70 cd/m²
power consumption 180VA/m²