Stair security lighting ...

...step lighting with our proven systems with light strips and LEDs

Stufenprofil Lightstep 3.0bSlimlight Lines light strips offer many advantages for security lighting and are perfectly suited for stair security lighting.

The illuminant, electrouminescence light foil, has a high life time (>40,000 hrs at +/- 48V / 50Hz) and therefore requires fewer maintenance. Even after years of operation no replacement is needed. Slimlight Lines are fail safe! This is the best condition for your stair lighting. Its monochromatic light is widely visible and penetrates even high concentrations of smoke, dust and fog. A perfect illuminant for any means of security lighting.

Slimlight Lines have a extraordinary resistance against thrust and vibrations and with power consumption of fewer than 1W / m it is one of the most economical light sources of the world. Illuminants and its system comply with norms EN 60.598.1, EN 60.598.2.1, NFC 20.010 (authorisation LCIE No.416.889 A of 09.01.1996)

Mid February 2007 we have delivered our 75th kilometre of stair security lighting in the course of a new constructed assembly hall and ever since then we are stepping forward.

Indicator - indication systems

  • row marking for cinemas
  • display systems for offices, public buildings and industrial purpose

Inline Indicator - economical row marking

Our latest innovation for illuminated row marking. Our speciality, the row marking is together with the light strip integrated into the stair profile.

Advantage: If a stair is next to the seat Slimlight Inline Indicators are the perfect solution for marking your row numbers visually.

Any standard, externally systems are redundant and the installation effort is drastically reduced.

By using a framing Bus-bar and a subtle wiring via a flat connection system the Inline Indicator is simple and fast operational.

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BAL stair profiles
Omega stair profiles

Informationsmaterial, technische Daten und Preislisten zum Download finden Sie hier.


  • life times from 20,000 - 40,000 hrs
  • simple installation
  • small measurements
  • plug-in connections - no soldering necessary
  • fail safe, with out constant controlling
  • low power consumption
  • homogeneous, glare-free light emission


Our stair profiles are normally used as stair security lightings. Other means of application are among other cinemas, theatres, operas and auditoriums as well as exhibitions and trade fairs.

Versatile examples of application you can find on our project site.


standard voltage:
48 V AC
50 Hz
life time:
> 40.000 h

Detailed technical data of our BAL and Omega stair profiles can be found in the respective PDF in our download area.